Dance Bag Essentials

Dance Bag Essentials

We are artists, and being an artist is hard. We have to maintain your bodies and keep it in Tip-Top shape.  With that comes a HUGE dance bag, to carry our most important dance essentials.

 The most valuable items I carry, is a lacrosse ball and a foam roller. I definitely recommend keeping these items handy to roll out your tight muscles before and after class. This keeps your muscles from getting tight, sore and keeps you flexible.  

Another favorite item I like to keep are my Dance Booties which are actually my life! They help keep my feet warm and ready for rehearsals, classes etc. Dance Booties are insulated, fluffy shoes that look kind of silly but are awesome.  Think of them as a ski jacket for your feet! As dancer’s we need to keep our feet and ankle muscles warm while we are waiting to perform or rehearse so that we don’t hurt ourselves and pull muscles.  

Thera-Band talk. Thera-Bands are an AMAZING and basic essential to have with you to strengthen your feet, ankles, and arches. They also help in warming your feet up before class and also make them more flexible. Every dancer wants to have beautiful banana feet that just bend and bend and bend, but they also need to be strong.  Thera-Bands will help in strengthening your feet. The Thera-Band is a small resistance band that can fit in your pocket and is easy to take on the go.  There are different levels of resistance strengths available for different levels of dancers.

Did someone say Water?  This one is the most obvious, but always keep healthy snacks and water in your dance bag. Water is so very important to keep us hydrated so that we can dance at our best.  A nutrient bar, or fruit is always good to have as well, most especially if we are running to the studio after school and are short on time and cannot have a meal.  This will give you the energy you need to have a good class.  

Finally, a must is the perfect black leotard.  I always carry an extra black leotard with me.  It’s like what fashion enthusiasts refer to as “The Little Black Dress,” a must have to every wardrobe.  The same goes for the “Black Leotard.” We all need a good, black leotard that compliments our body type and makes us look like a million dollars.  

I wish all of you happy dancing and much love!!!

Eden Isabella

The Dallas Conservatory, Age 14

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